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Bessonova Marina Igorevna

Acting Director

MD, Acting Director of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation

In 1988 Dr. Bessonova graduated with award from Tyumen State Medical University. Since 1989, after internship she has worked as a roentgenologist at the Radiology and Diagnostics Department of the Institute of Clinical and Preventive Cardiology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of USSR (now – Tyumen Cardiology Research Center). Since 2000 she has been the Head of the clinic of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center – Branch of Tomsk NRMC and since 2017 she is appointed as the Acting Director of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center – Branch of Tomsk NRMC. 

Awards and Grant

Marina I. Bessonova is an Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation (2012), a doctor of the highest category, a talented manager. During her work as the Chief Doctor at the clinic of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center the scope of clinical work has significantly increased. Active introduction into practice of the results of scientific research, use of the modern equipment and high-technology methods of diagnostics and treatment, dynamic expansion of the range of instrumental and laboratory methods of research in the clinic resulted in significant decrease in mortality from myocardial infarction with an ever-increasing number of treated patients. In 2011 Tyumen Cardiology Research Center became the winner of the National Award in cardiology «Purple Heart» in the nomination “Medical institution of the year», sub-nomination «The best clinical and preventive institution of Russia”.
For long conscientious and impeccable work in the field of medicine and healthcare, significant contribution to the social and economic development of the Tyumen region Dr. Bessonova was awarded with the Gratitude of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (2004), Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation (2006), and the Certificate of Merit of the Governor of Tyumen region (2007). 

Main Publications

SPECIFIC FEATURES OF LEFT VENTRICULAR REMODELING IN PATIENTS WITH DIABETES MELLITUS AND CORONARY HEART DISEASE RESIDING IN THE FAR NORTH / Kuznetsov V., Bessonova M., Bessonov I., Zyryanov I., Krinochkin D., Kolunin G., Semukhin М., Panin A., Bukhvalov V., Gorbatenko E., Evlampieva L. // Clinical medicine. - 2012.- Vol. 90, № 5.- p.28 (in Russian).

AUTOMATIC EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATORS IN LIFE-THREATENING TACHYARRHYTHMIAS IN CARDIOLOGY INTENSIVE CARE UNIT /Kuznetsov V., Fanakov A., Shabalkov E., Bessonova M., Luzina M. / Vestnik aritmologii.- 2009. - № 55.- p.10-13 (in Russian).

LEFT VENTRICULAR FALSE TENDON AS A NOVEL PREDICTOR OF VENTRICULAR FIBRILLATION IN PATIENTS WITH MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION / Kuznetsov V., Fanakov A., Bessonova M., Zhuravleva A. // Circulation: Abstracts of the World Congress of Cardiology Scientific Sessions 2012: Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18-21 April 2012. - 2012; 125:e741-e925; originally published online April 15, 2012. Poster Presentations. P432, e834. doi:10.1161/CIR.0b013e31824fcdb3.

ASYMMETRIC SEPTAL HYPERTROPHY IN PATIENTS WITH CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE / Vadim A. Kuznetsov, Elena I. Yaroslavskaya, Igor P. Zyrianov, Grigoriy V. Kolunin, Dmitriy V. Krinochkin, Marina I. Bessonova, and Ivan S. Bessonov. // European Journal of Echocardiography. - 2010, April 10.- S.5.