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Physiotherapeutic Treatment Room

Department of Physiotherapeutic Treatment, as well as the Physiotherapeutic Treatment Room, is included into the department of rehabilitation treatment of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center.   Aims of this field are not only to shorten the disease treatment and prevent complications and relapses but also to increase efficiency of medications and to significantly reduce the dose of prescribed drugs.

Conventional and the newest physiotherapeutic services and rehabilitation treatment methods are provided by our specialists. Our physiotherapeutic rooms are equipped with the modern equipment for treatment of diseases of almost all the organs and organism systems. It allows to conduct the following types of physiotherapy:

  • laser therapy procedures and electrotherapy,
  • lymphatic drainage massage, pressotherapy,
  • medical massage,
  • darsonvalization,
  • therapeutic carbonic baths, vibrosauna sessions and more.

After the procedures prescribed by physiotherapist patients forget about pain, inflammation, depression and fatigue. The services in this department are one of the most requested. All procedures are conducted by professional and skillful nurses with extensive experience who have received special training and have a certificate of completion of specialization courses in physiotherapy.

Now the methods applied at the department are actively and widely used for the care of COVID-19 patients.

Semenikhin Timofey Sergeevich
Deputy Chief Physician for educational and methodological work, Head of Physiotherapeutic Treatment Room, Cardiologist, Therapist


Nataliya A. Galeeva
Natalia Alimgiraevna Galeeva
MD, Cardiologist of the highest category, Physiotherapist of the first category, Head of the Service for specialized, including high-tech, medical care
Oleg G. Sivkov
Sivkov Oleg Gennadevich
MD, PhD, Head of Resuscitation and Intensive Therapy Group, Anesthesiologist-Resuscitator of the highest category, Scientific Researcher

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