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Therapeutic Exercise Room

Therapeutic exercise at Tyumen Cardiology Research Center is principally presented by group and individual activities for adults with diseases of cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, nervous and urogenital systems; with traumas and diseases of supporting-motor apparatus.

In the department of physiotherapy exercises there are two halls for activities (for individual and small groups); there is a staff room where a medical examination and consultation of a physiotherapy doctor is carried out. For outpatients, there are two locker rooms with showers and lockers for personal belongings.

Employees of Therapeutic Exercise Room make the most of the possibilities of the room, use modern equipment and methods. For training in the exercise therapy room, bicycle ergometers with pulse control, an ellipsoid ergometer with pulse control, a treadmill, as well as the necessary sports equipment for a variety of therapeutic exercises are installed. All employees of the department - physical therapy doctors and exercise therapy instructors - have the highest categories.

For treatment in the department, a consultation with an exercise therapy doctor is necessary. During the consultation, the patient will receive recommendations on the orthopedic and motor regimen, if necessary, an appointment for additional studies. The doctor will establish indications and contraindications, prescribe procedures, and in the process of rehabilitation he will conduct dynamic monitoring and correction of treatment.

Mitrofanova Tatyana Aleksandrovna
MD, PhD, Head of the Exercise Therapy Department, Doctor on Physical Therapy of the highest category


Svetlana G. Bykova
Bykova Svetlana Grigorevna
MD, Doctor on Physical Therapy of the highest category of the Exercise Therapy Department
Tatiana A. Mitrofanova
Mitrofanova Tatiana Aleksandrovna
MD, PhD, Head of Therapeutic Exercise Room, Physician of the highest category

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