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Today 15 specialized departments are functioning in Tyumen Cardiology Research Center. 

It is known to everyone that a doctor can determine which therapy may be the most effective for a patient only after diagnosis. Not only efficiency of the prescribed treatment, but also improvement speed and eventually full recovery depends, in most cases, on diagnosis accuracy. 

Indeed knowledge of an accurate diagnosis gives an opportunity to create an optimal, individual for each patient treatment course. Specialists of diagnostic departments are engaged with solving of this complicated target. Under supervision of experienced high-qualified cardiologists, work of all departments as a whole provides prompt and maximum precise result of any research from the entire range of cardiovascular diseases. 

5 specialized departments where patients can take 24-hour and daytime care are functioning in the Center. Highly trained and experienced specialists are taking care of our patients. 

Motto “Taking care of your health!” was chosen by specialists of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center on purpose. Our qualified physicians, nurses, research workers do their best for patients to get here 24/7 medical care.

Outpatient Department
Department of Ultrasound Diagnostics
Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory
Functional Diagnostics Department №2
Children's Outpatient Department
Therapeutic Exercise Room
Department of Urgent Cardiology (Department of Cardiology №1)
Department of Arterial Hypertension (Department of Cardiology №2)
Department of Coronary Insufficiency
Department of Surgical Treatment of Complex Heart Rhythm Disturbances and Pacing
Department of X-ray and Surgery Methods of Diagnostics and Treatment №1 (Cath Lab)
Department of X-ray and Surgery Methods of Diagnostics and Treatment №2 (Cath Lab №2)
Department of X-ray Diagnostics
Physiotherapeutic Treatment Room
Department of Nursing and Nocturnal Care