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History of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center began in 1983 when the Ministry of Health of the USSR issued the regulation on “Establishing a cardiology clinic of Tomsk Branch of the All-Union Cardiology Scientific Center of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences in Tyumen since the 1st of January, 1984”. The official opening of the cardiology clinic was held on May 21, 1985.

In 1985, the clinic of the Tomsk branch was transformed into independent branch. Three years later, the branch became independent institute and was transferred to the Siberian branch of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. The transformed institution was named Research Institute of Clinical and Preventive Cardiology.

 In 1998, Research Institute of Clinical and Preventive Cardiology was reorganized into Tyumen Cardiology Center - Branch of Cardiology Research Institute of Tomsk Research Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. At all times, Tyumen Cardiology Center was headed by prominent scientists and leaders who made great contribution to development of science and the organization of cardiac care in the region: Buganov A.A. (1984-1986), Vasiltsev Ya.S. (1986-1988), Antonov O.S. (1988-1991), Kuznetsov V.A. (1991-2017).

Now the institution is headed by M.I. Bessonova, Honored Physisian of the Russian Federation.

In the first years of the institution's existence, famous scientists, who were considered the luminaries of world cardiology of that time, came to Tyumen by the order of Evgeny Ivanovich Chazov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. He wanted them to help the young clinic to enhance the prestige of Russian cardiology.

After several reorganizations and changes of the name, in 1998 the clinic became Tyumen Cardiology Research Center - Branch of Tomsk National Research Medical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences of Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

At present Tyumen Cardiology Research Center is a unique scientific, medical and educational institution which is considered to be one of the largest and best equipped in Russia. It is recognized as a leader in the field of high-technology treatment of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias.

Our Center have been working according to standards applied in developed countries and have been inventing own innovative methods of cardiovascular disease treatment. Our success in the field of high-technology treatment became possible due to international collaboration: specialists from our Center exchange experience with their colleagues abroad, take part in scientific symposia and congresses as well as receive training in the largest world clinics. The main advantage and distinction of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center’s activity is harmony of science and practical work.

Bessonova Marina Igorevna

MD, Director of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation

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    Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation

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    Honored Physician of the Russian Federation

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    Doctors of Medical Sciences Candidates

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    Candidates of Medical Sciences

Conducting intensive scientific and medical work has become possible thanks to professional staff of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center. Many specialists have been working here from the very foundation. At present time scientific potential of our Center comprises 1 Honored Scientists of the Russian Federation (Prof. L.I. Gapon), 15 Doctors of Medical Sciences (habilitation degree), 46 Candidates of Medical Sciences (PhD). There are 6 Honored Physicians of the Russian Federation (I.P. Zyrianov, M.I. Bessonova, T.Y. Gorbunova, T.V. Chernyshova, I.A. Velizhanina, N.A. Musikhina) in the Institution.  Many young scientists start their career with our residency and fellowship to become highly qualified specialists of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center in future.

Tyumen Cardiology Research Center has a high-performing Marketing Department. Its staff members annually coordinate various prevention events. The main idea of these actions is to draw attention to the problem of cardiovascular diseases and their early detection among population of our region.

Tyumen Cardiology Center regularly organizes preventive events that take place as part of the World Heart Day. We arrange walks with physicians in the open air; football matches between surgeons and our postoperative patients; follow-ups for children who go in for sports; as well as we consult patients via instant messengers and social networks, give lectures or carry out educational activities at schools and many others. The staff of Tyumen Cardiology Center takes part in charitable assistance. Cardiologists go to orphanages of Tyumen region, where they examine children and employees by way of a grant. Our medical center always collects clothes, toys and other necessary things to donate to orphanages and social assistance centers.

Material and technical base of the institution is constantly being improved: departments are regularly re-equipped with implements to provide effective medical care. In 2018, the most up-to-date device, Immulight-2000 analyzer, appeared in our Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory. Studies of blood tests on this device are highly sensitive. This means that it is possible to determine preferred component in a sample, even if it is present in negligible concentration. In 2019, we installed a CT scanner (Toshiba). It is one of the top three CT scanners according to its running in our country. In 2020, Philips EPIQ (USA), ultrasonic device of new generation, the most powerful of all devices ever used in ultrasound diagnostics, appeared in our ultrasound department. In Tyumen, and only in our center! In 2022, another surgical theatre, equipped with X-ray computed tomography was launched.

Our Center has actively worked towards improvement of patient care quality. Our facilities are established for comfortable staying of patients at the hospital. Special medical expeditions have been initiated for patients, who decide to consult cardiologists and undergo high-technology treatment provided by specialists of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center. Due to realization of such a project thousands of patients can undergo comprehensive examinations and high-technology treatment in our Center. However the Center was originated to provide cardiological care among the population of Tyumen region, nowadays patients come from many other regions of Russia. The list of cities is impressive: Chelyabinsk, Alapaevsk, Beloyarsky, Kogalym, Langepas, Verkhneuralsk, Asbest, Berezovsky, Megion, Bogdanovich, Nefteyugansk, Verkhny Tagil, Nizhnevartovsk, Yekaterinburg, Irbit, Chelyabinsk, Pervouralsk, Kurgan, Zavodoukovsk, Gubkinsky, Kurgan Tobolsk, Muravlenko, Nadym, Omsk and lots of others. On top of that, former patients are likely to tell acquaintances about their pleasant experiences concerning treatment results at our cardiology research center and amount of the latter will increase.

Main goals

  • To ensure longer and better quality of life for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases using effective treatment with implementation of rehabilitation programs and personalized approaches to care;
  • To develop and put into practice new methods for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases, in particular, revolutionary cardio technologies.

To solve these problems

  • We form highly qualified team of physicians and nurses;
  • We provide continuous training for physicians in residency, postgraduate studies, as well as organize internships for our specialists in leading clinics and medical centers in Russian and abroad.

The Founding Fathers of the Cardiocenter

Evgeny Ivanovich Chazov
Rostislav Sergeevich Karpov
Gennady Pavlovich Bogomyakov

We participated

Innovations in medical care presented in Saint Petersburg
Prevention and hi-tech care under discussion in Moscow

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International Cooperation

International cooperation is one of the directions of the scientific activity of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center - branch of Tomsk National Research Medical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It contributes to the development of priority areas of medical science, the development of highly skilled medical care.