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Tomsk colleagues shared research data on Mitochondria with our scientists

26 Apr Apr 2024

Our scientists: Tatyana Gizatulina, MD, PhD, the Director of Arrhythmology Center, and Liana Valeeva, MD, Arrhythmologist, Junior Scientific Researcher visited the laboratory of Tomsk colleagues.

Attendance of our specialists was directed to exchange experience in the area of research on Mitochondria. Researchers became acquainted with method in the laboratory of molecular cellular pathology and gene diagnostics of Cardiology Research Institute, Tomsk National Research Medical Center.


Numerous scientific works have found out that mitochondrial dysfunction plays significant role in predisposition to development and determination of characteristics of cardiovascular system various disease course (including conditions associated with a high risk of sudden death). Scientists have agreed: it is necessary to analyze individual risk factors for sudden cardiac death and their significance in each particular patient. This can also be relevant to genetic “predictors”. However, search of such factors is a difficult charge. Scientists are now working to identify mitochondrial dysfunction and peculiarities of mitochondrial DNA that may be involved in provoking life-threatening conditions.


Acknowledgment that mitochondrial dysfunction is one of the important genetically determined factors defining a person's susceptibility to sudden cardiac death will not only provide specialists with opportunity to offer new ideas for development of treatment strategies and drugs, but will also allow to upgrade estimates of individual risk.

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Tomsk colleagues shared research data on Mitochondria with our scientists


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