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With warm greetings from home: our Center is helping soldiers

18 Apr Apr 2024

There are 12 employees working at our Center, whose loved ones are in special military operation zone. Our center team was among the first, who organized support to mobilized fighters: medications, equipment were sent, medical consultations and examinations were conducted, complications on household chores were minimized for the families and loved ones.

New shipment was collected according to needs of military recruits. Personal hygiene products, long-lasting food, batteries, clothing, medicines, candles, flashlights, and others were gathered. In total, 19 personalized boxes were prepared. Volunteers of humanitarian aid point were checked all packages before sending. It was important to understand that the delivery of such aid to locations was challenging and dangerous mission. The girls from the "Ticket to life" center had experience and promised to deliver everything at the appointed time.

Administration of our center shared that fighters made significant contribution to our future, and we had to help them. Each of our employees who participated in collecting humanitarian aid wanted to help colleagues and their families improve hard situations and daily life. Our center wanted dear people to feel the warmth, care, support, and had perfect confidence in ability to succeed and in our victory. Our center could not stand aside.

Our colleague, whose son had been on the front line for 2 years, was very delighted with such targeted aid. She said that each package was like a piece of warmth from home. The project was our appreciation to all of them and the minimum we could do. Our team believed the two-way feedback had been established and news would be much awaited.

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With warm greetings from home: our Center is helping soldiers