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International Congress of Cardiology 2024: cardiac toxicity, women's health and disease genetics will be discussed by experts

02 May May 2024

Tyumen Cardiology Research Center invites to participate in the XIV International Congress “Cardiology at a Crossroads of Sciences,” which will be held online on May 23-24, 2024. Registration has been already opened on the website www.cardio-congress.ru. Reports will be presented by well-known experts from Tomsk, Moscow, Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Kyrgyzstan, Kursk, Saratov, Kazan, Belarus, Barnaul.

Traditionally, A. Moor, Governor of Tyumen Region addressed participants with welcoming words. He said, that nowadays, and, like 14 years ago, that scientific and educational forum contributed to the solution of an urgent challenge - continuous improvement of professional level among physicians in our region and country. He shared that practitioner was always important to be aware of everything new, exchanged his experience and applied the best experience of others. He wished interesting lectures, useful and meaningful discussions. Also, constructive ideas and suggestions would be in demand in practice for the benefit of patients.

On the first day of the Congress, colleagues will assess radiation and antitumor chemotherapy-induced cardiac toxicity, genetics of diseases of cardiovascular system, and complications of percutaneous coronary interventions. As part of the International Symposium on Echocardiography, the report “Three-dimensional echocardiographic assessment of space-occupying cardiac lesions” will be presented by Maurizio Parato, the director of the Department of Cardiology and Echo Laboratory of Accident And Emergency Department in Hospital Madonna del Soccorso (Italy).

On the second day of the conference, experts will hold symposia on mental health and cardiac diseases, on antithrombotic therapy in patients with atrial fibrillation, a symposium: “Women's Health in Siberia”, within which they will discuss the risk of arterial hypertension development in female population, a model for digital screening of cardiovascular disease leading factors, population characteristics of coronary artery disease, arterial hypertension and subjective-objective health indicator among women in mid-urban city of Western Siberia and other scopes. In addition, complicated scenarios of acute myocardial infarction and cardiac arrhythmias will be discussed; Poster Presentation Competition and Young Investigators Competition will be held too.

Organizers of the congress pay attention, that rich scientific program, a section of new poster presentations, current topics, excellent lecturers - all these issues traditionally are presented at our Congress! Knowledge gained will become another important milestone in cardiac problems solution of our patients!

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International Congress of Cardiology 2024: cardiac toxicity, women's health and disease genetics will be discussed by experts


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