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Prevention and hi-tech care under discussion in Moscow

Prevention and hi-tech care under discussion in Moscow
  • Date
    13 - 14 May 2022
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On 13-14 May Forum of young cardiologists of Russian Society of Cardiology was held in Moscow. Nikita Shirokov, MD, PhD, Scientific Researcher, specialist in ultrasound diagnostics of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center, delivered an oral report.


We note that the target of the Forum was discussion of the actual issues and perspective of progress in the modern cardiology, endovascular and cardiovascular surgery.


Dr. Shirokov shared, “My report was devoted to echocardiography and COVID-19 fallouts. Most of the researches put a sharp point on the acute phase of the disease. But we, scientists of Cardiology Center, found out hidden myocardial dysfunction preserved within a year after COVID-19. That is why our colleagues asked many questions and my research aroused a lively interest. Forum of young cardiologists 2022 is the first event I have visited in person during the last two years. I enjoyed listenening to other reports and took part in the discussions. I really got inspired and have plans to continue studying the hidden pathology in case of other heart diseases as well.”


Scientific program of the Forum included lectures, plenary sessions, scientific symposiums, educational seminars and workshops, section sessions and young scientists contest in Russian and English, clinical cases contest, business game and a team contest of virtual clinical cases on the simulation machines for young scientists.

See more details at the website - https://scardio.ru/events/forum_molodyh_kardiologov/forum_molodyh_kardiologov_2022/