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Marine S. Agadzhanyan

Marine S. Agadzhanyan Marine Sarkisovna Agadzhanyan 
MD, Cardiovascular surgeon, phlebologist

Outpatient department

Department of Surgical Treatment of Complex Heart Rhythm Disturbances and Pacing # 2 of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center, Tomsk National Research Medical Center, Russian Academy of Sciences

Since 2017

Cardiovascular surgeon

Education and qualification
2017 - Faculty "General medicine", Tyumen State Medical University, Tyumen
2012 – 2016 – professional retraining “Translator in the professional communication” (English), Tyumen State Medical University
2013 – work in the Surgery Department of the Oulu University (Finland) due to the program for experience exchange within non-commercial partnership The International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA)
2017 - 2019 – clinical residency in specialty “cardiovascular surgery” at the chair of cardiovascular surgery and cardiology, Tyumen State Medical University
2019 – training for endovenous laser coagulation (EVLC), clinic Nanomed (Irkutsk)
2020 – thematic advanced training “Veins sonography”, workshop clinic “Antireflyuks” (Surgut)
2020 – participation in the workshop “School of sclerotherapy”, Innovative vascular center (Saint Petersburg)
2021 – training "Varadi microphlebectomy. Parikov original course", workshop clinic “Antireflyuks” (Surgut)
2021 – training at the workshop "Treatment of the varicose disease by the method of "Venaseal" intravascular agglutination”, Medtronic, education center at “Neftyanik” clinic (Tyumen)
2021 – participation in the annual forum “White nights” on phlebology, training within contact workshop (Saint Petersburg)
2021 – training at the workshop “Treatment of varicose disease using "Closure Fast" radiofrequent veins obliteration” Medtronic, education center at “Neftyanik” clinic (Tyumen)
2021 – participation in V All-Russian meeting on esthetic phlebology (Moscow). Participation in scientific and practical conference "University Medicine & Medical Practice: Critical ischemia of lower extremities", Russian Surgeons Society. Participation in the 14th Saint Petersburg veins forum (Christmas meetings) (Saint Petersburg)
2021 – participation in the XXXVI International conference "Horizons of modern angiology, vascular surgery and phlebology” (Kazan)

Doctor Agadzhanyan is a member of The Russian Phlebological Association, Russian Society of Angiologists and Vascular Surgeons