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XII INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS «CARDIOLOGY AT A CROSSROAD OF SCIENCES» in conjunction with XVI International Symposium of Echocardiography and Vascular Ultrasound, XХVIII Annual International Conference «Cardiology Update»

XII INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS «CARDIOLOGY AT A CROSSROAD OF SCIENCES» in conjunction with XVI International Symposium of Echocardiography and Vascular Ultrasound, XХVIII Annual International Conference «Cardiology Update»
  • Date
    25 - 27 May 2022
  • Location
    Russia, Tyumen
  • Adress
The event was held


On 27 of May the results of a three-day International Congress “Cardiology at a Crossroad of Sciences” were announced. This year the forum was held again in the online format. Specialists discussed a wide range of topics: from genetic investigations, new approaches in treatment of hypertension and arrhythmias up to post-covid syndrome and intravascular ultrasound.


Marina Igorevna Bessonova, Director, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, highlighted that the Congress-2022 was even more successful than the previous one: 1228 participants were registered, 140 works were included into the Thesis Register, almost 3700 people from 18 countries (Russia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Ukraine, USA, Austria, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Belgium, Italy and others) and 162 cities watched the online translation of the congress sessions. Dr. Bessonova also expressed her gratitude to the staff of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center, speakers, participants, sponsors who united their forces for 12th time in order to upgrade the medical care quality and for their patients health.



At the third day of the Congress the results of the posters session competition (26 works were presented) and young investigators competition (2 participants) were announced. According to the commission decision, the honorable first place was given to the work “Clinical and biochemical characteristics and 10-year survival of non-progressors and responders of cardiac resynchronization therapy” of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center investigators under the leadership of Tatiana Enina, MD, PhD, Leading Scientific Researcher of the Laboratory of Instrumental Diagnostics, cardiologist.


The second prize was given to the specialists from Krasnoyarsk (authors: E.V. Derevyannykh, R. A. Yaskevich) with their researches on the study of arterial hypertension among doctors “Frequency of arterial hypertension among doctors of various specialties in a large Krasnoyarsk clinical hospital” and “Compliance among doctors with arterial hypertension in a large Krasnoyarsk clinical hospital”.


The third prize winner was a team from Moscow (authors: A.A. Tkacheva, Z.S. Valieva, A.A. Belyaevskaya, M.V. Andreevskaya, T.V. Martynyuk) with the research “A clinical case of differential diagnosis of budd-chiary syndrome and portal vein thrombosis on the background of multiple primary tumors in the practice of a cardiologist”. For the participation in the contest, A.Yu.Moshkina from Tyumen with the study “Analysis of adherence of patients after ischemic stroke to antihypertensive therapy” was awarded as well.

In the young investigators competition the first prize winner was Ludmila Kolotsey (Grodno, Belarus), the second prize was given to Yulia Teplova (Kemerovo, Russia), Evgeniya Bychkova (Kemerovo, Russia) and Pavel Parfenov (Kemerovo, Russia) shared the third prize. Shavkat Saidov (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) received the incentive prize for participation.


A unique moment was the handing of a special prize for young scientists who are doing researches in the field of cardiovascular ultrasound. This prize was established in the memory of V.A.Kuznetsov, Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation. And the first winner was the student of Dr. Kuznetsov, Nikita Shirokov, MD, cardiologist, ultrasound diagnostics specialist, scientific researcher of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center.


Tyumen Cardiology Research Center, branch of Tomsk NRMC, expresses gratitude to everyone who participated in the work of the Congress and invites everyone to visit the forum in May 2023. We hope that next year it will be held both in person and in virtual format.

See more details about the Congress at the channel of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center

 Congress topics:

•   Cardiology and other specialties (genetics, laboratory genetics, general medicine, neurology, general physician practice (family medicine), organization of healthcare and public health, occupational pathology, radiology, cardiovascular surgery, emergency medical care, therapy, ultrasound diagnostics, nursing management, functional diagnostics, epidemiology and others)
•  Fundamental researches in cardiology
•  New approaches in diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
•  Non-invasive imaging methods in cardiology
•  New medical technologies in cardiology
•  Interventional cardiology
•  Heart rhythm disturbances: diagnostics, treatment and complications prevention
•  Children cardiology
•  Epidemiology and cardiovascular prevention
•  issues of rehabilitation of cardiac patients
•  Improving the organization of the cardiology service

Scientific program of the Congress included lecturers, plenary reports, scientific and satellite symposia of allied specialties, e-posters. Scientific program of the Congress was accredited in the system of Continuing Medical and Pharmaceutical Education of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia.

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