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International congress in Austria on the up-to-date ultrasound innovations

International congress in Austria on the up-to-date ultrasound innovations
  • Date
    4 - 7 December 2019
  • Location
    Vienne (Austria)
The event was held


Annual congress of European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging ‘EuroEcho-2019’ was held in Vienne (Austria) on 4-7 December 2019. Experts of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center participated in this the world’s biggest platform on echocardiography.

Dmitriy Krinochkin, MD, PhD, Head of the Department of Ultrasound Diagnostics, Doctor of Ultrasound Diagnostics of the highest category, and Vadim Kuznetsov, MD, PhD, Professor, Scientific Advisor, successfully presented the results of the researches performed at the Tyumen Cardiology Research Center in the poster session.

Dr. Krinochkin shared, that now more attention is paid to the practical healthcare: skills of work with the equipment, communication with patients, involvement of science into practice. The event is conventionally held in the end of the year and includes all ultrasound innovations, that is why being a part of the Congress is so interesting and useful.

One of the most actual reports, presented by Professor Kuznetsov, was devoted to the screening way to do the early diagnostics of coronary atherosclerosis using patented “medical calculator”. This calculator is a computer program which allows to diagnose changes of patient’s coronary arteries on time and start treatment and, consequently, to prevent complications.

EuroEcho forum is more than education and science. It is an opportunity to meet the greatest experts in cardiovascular imaging in the world, to exchange ideas and projects with colleagues, to discuss the latest researches.  EuroEcho-2020 will take part in Barcelona (Spain). See more details at the official web site of the congress https://www.escardio.org/