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Arrhythmologists of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center made presentations in St. Petersburg

Arrhythmologists of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center made presentations in St. Petersburg
  • Date
    20 - 22 May 2021
  • Location
    St. Petersburg
The event was held


On 20-22 May 2021 IX All-Russian Congress of Arrhythmology "Arrhythmology without Borders: from Scientific Laboratory to Clinical Recommendations" was held. A team of scientists from our Center presented their studies at the meeting.

Grigory Kolunin, MD, PhD, Head of the Department of X-ray Surgical Methods for Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases presented 2 reports "Is it necessary to achieve selective stimulation of the His bundle" and "Are there additional reserves to increase the effectiveness of interventional treatment of atrial fibrillation".

Three young scientists from our Center - the only ones from Tyumen - took part in the travel grant of the Congress.

Nikita Shirokov, MD, PhD, Doctor of Ultrasound Diagnostics, Junior Scientific Researcher presented a study on the relationship between mechanical patterns of left bundle branch block and super-response to cardiac resynchronization therapy.

"Mathematical models for CHF: from formulas to real clinical practice" was presented by Anna Soldatova, MD, PhD, the Chairman of the Young Scientists Society of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center.

“This is the first congress in post-COVID time, which was able to gather such a large number of participants. I remember the presentations on digital technologies in arrhythmology, on the methods of machine learning in detecting atrial fibrillation from the data of electronic medical records, on the methods of remote monitoring and the use of technologies in practical health care. Modern invasive methods of diagnostics and long-term monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias were presented, - noted Dr. Soldatova. – The sphere of my scientific interests is congestive heart failure and methods of its treatment therefore the symposium on topical issues of the use of implantable cardioverter-defibrillators was especially interesting for me. Undoubtedly, the presented results will help in further researches and will be used in patients’ management. The arrhythmological society is not left out of the urgent problems of today. Several sessions were devoted to coronavirus infection. The impact of coronavirus infection on the cardiovascular system is known, and many arrhythmologists and cardiologists are the first doctors to whom such patients get. Our center is actively working with patients who have had coronavirus infection, studying the long-term effects of the disease on the cardiovascular system. Many thanks to the organizers of the congress and all the speakers for the bright and rich program!”

Dr. Yulia Lukjyanchik, Pediatric Cardiologist, Junior Scientific Researcher of the Department of Arterial Hypertension and Coronary Insufficiency of the Scientific Department of Clinical Cardiology made a report "The mysterious phenomenon of noncompact myocardium in children".

It should be noted that the main topics of the congress were the issues of sudden death, clinical guidelines and standards of medical care, stroke prevention, arrhythmias in children, COVID and arrhythmias, heart failure, etc. A total of 42 oral reports, 56 posters were presented within the Congress, 188 abstracts were included in the Congress Abstract Book.