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Our scientists took part in the main cardiological event of the year

Our scientists took part in the main cardiological event of the year
  • Date
    27 - 30 August 2021
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The event was held


On August 27-30, 2021, the largest European Congress on Cardiovascular Diseases (ESC 2021 Сongress) was held. Scientific community again gathered in online mode to exchange knowledge and experience. Scientists of our center took part in oral presentations.

The Congress of the European Society of Cardiology is visited annually by a record number of experts from more than 210 countries. First of all, this is the largest scientific event in which our doctors and scientists take an active part. All research is designed to inspire cardiovascular professionals to provide their patients with the best possible treatment, evaluation and care.

On the first day of the forum, where not only our specialists, but specialists from other medical institutions of Tyumen participated, Elena Yaroslavskaya, MD, PhD, Leading Scientific Researcher, Head of laboratory of instrumental diagnostics, presented the earliest results of her research “Comparison of echocardiographic indicators of patients with COVID-19 pneumonia in hospital and three months after discharge”. Also she mentioned that besides the follow-up was still ongoing, it had been already known that the heart of those who have suffered from COVID-19 pneumonia was undergoing changes: during the hospitalization process, its right chambers, which were responsible for blood circulation in affected lungs, were overloaded. Then, 3 months after discharge, load decreased to right chambers, since condition of lungs was normalized in most cases, according to computed tomography. The heart seemed to be structurally returning to normal, but examining the same people in one year after discharge, questions on undamaged functioning of myocardium arose. As only a half of 380 enrolled individuals had check-ups in a year after discharge, it was prematurely to talk about final conclusions.

It had already been clear that long-term effects of COVID-19 on the heart existed; they needed to be studied, and it was important to share these results with the world community. Yaroslavskaya added that we were to discuss current situation in order to develop optimal ways of rehabilitation and prevent of complications development, because the COVID-19 pandemic continued, and the number of victims was growing. Therefore, section of the European Congress of Cardiology on the effect of COVID-19 on blood circulation, where our scientist was lucky to be heard, aroused great interest. Despite unusually early timing (the section started at 7 am Paris time), it was attended by many listeners, and audience was very active; there were many questions.

Everyone, of course, was interested in issue of vaccination, and experts’ opinion was definite: it was necessary to be vaccinated to reduce transmission of covid-19 virus and save lives. It should be mentioned that Dr. Yaroslavskaya was responsible researcher of the one-year cardiac follow-up of patients after COVID-19-associated pneumonia, which was started in 2020.

Another scientific work was presented by Alfira Vagisovna Belokurova, cardiologist, Junior Scientific Researcher. She shared, that predictors of thrombosis of the left atrial appendage, which was the cause of ischemic stroke, were studied in patients with atrial fibrillation without valvular heart disease. Out of 158 patients thrombus was detected in 27% of individuals included in the study. And, according to our data, thrombosis was associated with lower left ventricular ejection fraction and high level of growth-differentiation factor 15 (GDF-15), namely more than 935 pg/ml.

Also, it might be added that Professor Stefan Windecker, the chairman of the Congress program, expressed gratitude for the contribution to scientific and educational program of the Congress and congratulated on scientific quality of research, and also invited to participate in the Congress next year. ESC Congress 2022 will take place from 26 to 29 August in Barcelona, at the location and online.

Visit official website https://www.escardio.org/ for detailed information of the Congress