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EuroEcho-Imaging Congress – 2018

EuroEcho-Imaging Congress – 2018
  • Date
    5 - 8 December 2018
  • Location
    Milan, Italy
The event was held


EuroEcho-Imaging Congress was held on 5-8 December 2018 in Milan, Italy. During four days, doctors and scientists from more than 90 countries of the world got acquainted with the achievements in the field of noninvasive diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases, listened to the reports of leading experts, passed training sessions with the industry partners. Our specialists Dmitriy Krinochkin, MD, PhD, Head of the Department of Ultrasound Diagnostics and Anna Soldatova, MD, PhD, Scientific Researcher had a poster presentation at the Congress devoted to the study of mitral regurgitation in coronary artery disease.

For Russian specialists, it is interesting to be acquainted with the work from foreign clinics, to share experience. As an example, the topic of using mathematical models for evaluation of the heart pumping function is very interesting. It allows to eliminate the subjective factor and measure everything mathematically using images to get more accurate data. Some presentations at the Congress were devoted to the use of ultrasound together with computed tomography. This is a huge plus for both patients and doctors who can get a comprehensive conclusion.

Key figures:
• 4200+ healthcare professionals from 98+ countries
• 4 days of scientific exchange
• 1660+ abstracts and clinical cases submitted
• 160+ scientific sessions
• 420+ international expert faculty members
• 20+ Hands-on sessions
• 20+ industry-sponsored sessions and workshops
• 1 000+ m2 exhibition space