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The 29th Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GW-ICC)

The 29th Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GW-ICC)
  • Date
    11 - 14 October 2018
  • Location
    Beijing, China
The event was held


Scientists of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center participated in GW-ICC and presented their investigations: 7 oral presentations and 3 e-posters.

After 29 years, from the original meeting with one hundred delegates, GW-ICC has grown into a large conference with more than ten thousand participants, covering the Asia-Pacific area, but with global coverage. The congress has developed from a single discipline to a comprehensive academic program that covers basics to clinical aspects of cardiovascular disease with multidisciplinary research. The development of online network meetings, multimedia interaction and digital conference management has allowed GW-ICC to become a truly international conference covering Chinese, Asian-Pacific and international research.

Elena Yaroslavskaya, MD, PhD, Leading Scientific Researcher, ultrasound diagnostics specialist delivered at the Congress 3 oral presentations.The first was devoted to a screening method for the early diagnosis of coronary atherosclerosis using the patented “medical calculator”. This is a computer program that helps to diagnose timely changes in the coronary arteries of patients and begin treatment, and thus prevent complications.Another presentation was devoted to the use of artificial neural networks to identify patients with such manifestations of coronary artery disease as a myocardial perfusion disorder. Now, at the stage of real time heart ultrasound examination, it is possible to say with high accuracy is a particular patient suitable for surgery, can we really help him, and whether the operation can be ineffective. A specialist can see if there is a lesion of large arteries that should be eliminated or if the lesions are minor and surgery is not required.Another report Dr. Yaroslavskaya presented as a co-author of the study performed by Dr. Georgiy Pushkarev about psychosocial risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Dmitriy V. Krinochkin, MD, PhD, Head of the Department of Ultrasound Diagnostics had two oral presentations at the Congress: “Time of the echocardiographic response to cardiac resynchronization therapy and long-term mortality in patients with congestive heart failure” and “Sex hormones level and effect of cardiac resynchronization therapy in men”. Tyumen scientists revealed that if a person has a high or normal level of testosterone, then the response to the performed operation promises to be good, unlike patients with low levels of this hormone.

Alexander Akimov, MD, PhD, Scientific Researcher presented another two reports.In the first work, objective and subjective indicators of attitudes towards health and disease prevention among residents of the Tyumen region were investigated. The results showed that the level of health of the population is directly dependent on these indicators.

The second report was devoted to the association of the level of social support with the level of education. The level of education in the Tyumen population is quite high, while social support for men is at low and medium levels.

The main focus of the congress was on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases among young people and among patients after invasive interventions. In addition to the trend towards a healthy lifestyle, it was also mentioned about improving medical knowledge among all segments of the population, especially those with low social status.