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Russian National Congress of Cardiology - 2018

Russian National Congress of Cardiology - 2018
  • Date
    25 - 28 September 2018
  • Location
    Moscow, Russia
The event was held


On September 25-28, Moscow hosted the largest scientific, practical and educational event aimed at sharing experience on topical issues of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases - Russian National Congress of Cardiology - 2018. The motto of the Congress this year was “New technologies - into the practice of healthcare”. 5,400 specialists from 413 cities and 21 countries participated in the meeting, including scientists from Tyumen Cardiology Research Center.

Professor Vadim Kuznetsov, Deputy Director for Science and Professor Lyudmila Gapon, Head of the Scientific Division of Clinical Cardiology together with the colleagues from Novosibirsk co-chaired the Symposium “Modern view on clinical and geographical aspects of cardiovascular diseases”. Prof. Kuznetsov presented a report “Coronary atherosclerosis and percutaneous coronary interventions in the Tyumen region” and Prof. Gapon talked about arterial hypertension in the natives and newcomers of the Tyumen North.

One more presentation, devoted to the influence of climate or psychosocial stress on cardiovascular continuum in the shift workers of the Arctic region, was delivered by Leading Scientific Researcher Nina Shurkevich, MD, PhD and Senior Scientific Researcher Alexander Vetoshkin, MD, PhD. The data of many years of research work under the watch in the polar region (Yamburg) were presented. Investigations are devoted to the study of the pathogenesis of arterial hypertension, changes in the biological rhythms of blood pressure, the structural characteristics of the heart and blood vessels, including the development of atherosclerosis in hypertensive patients and in patients with normal blood pressure. The work was carried out directly in the region of the Far North.

In the Symposium “Psychosocial risk factors of cardiovascular diseases: patient-centered approach” Ekaterina Akimova, MD, PhD, Head of the Laboratory of Epidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases had a presentation “Psychosocial component of cardiovascular health in the Siberian population sample from childhood to middle age — approaches to preventive population strategies”.

In the poster session, scientists of Tyumen Cardiology Research Center presented three poster presentations.