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Computed tomography for children and adults

17 Jun Jun 2020

Thanks to advanced settings, the image from the tomograph is transmitted in high-frequency format. The specialist selects the device modes individually for each patient. Images contain detailed particulars of examined organ, helping to make the most accurate diagnosis quickly swimmingly and with minimal radiation exposure.

MS CT scanner principal
The apparatus rotates around the patient's body and makes “slices”. Doctor receives from 4 to 64 slices after scanning. The slice thickness is 0.5 mm. The total number of images of examined area reaches two thousand. It takes 10-15 seconds for a complete diagnosis of the whole body. Obtained images of sections are reconstructed, folded into a three-dimensional image of the organ and analyzed by a computer with special software. Thus, computed tomography provides accurate and reliable information.

Computed tomography bolus-tracking technique.
This study is accompanied by the introduction of a special substance to enhance the contrast of healthy and pathologically changed tissues. So, it allows to identify even the smallest tumors, blood clots and hematomas and is used if necessary to detail the course of the disease. The day before the bolus contrast computed tomography, you need to arrange a day of limited intake of food (drink mineral water, kefir, eat fruits) and, on the eve of the examination, stop eating at 21.00. The procedure is performed on an empty stomach.
Contraindications to contrast bolus computed tomography are: fragile veins, elevated blood pressure on examination, confirmed allergy to iodine, acute or chronic renal failure, severe diabetes mellitus, some thyroid diseases, and others.

MS CT diagnostic test (including bolus contrast CT) is appropriate:
- at suspicion on tumors of internal organs, bones, soft tissues
- for determining a cancer's stage, searching for metastases, obtaining information about the structure and spread of the tumor before its surgical removal or the beginning of radiation therapy,
- in case of injuries and their consequences (bleeding, hematoma, rupture of a hollow organ, damage of internal organs, fractures and cracks of bones),
- if there are changes on X-ray images, on ultrasound and according to data from other examination methods that cannot be interpreted due to lack of data,
- to monitor the effectiveness of treatment after radiation or chemotherapy,
- to examine the area of the body, organ, blood vessels before the surgery,
- to control the condition of tissues after performing a surgical intervention.

The absolute contraindications for the examination are patient's body weight exceeding the maximum load on the tomograph table (usually up to 120 kg) and pregnancy, regardless of the period.

In our center, we use apparatus of the Japanese company Toshiba, which is known all over the world and is one of the top three computed tomographs in Russia. Examination is carried out by specialists with extensive experience.

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