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The best skilled staff for practical medicine and medical science: training from student days

05 Oct Oct 2021

On Teacher's Day, work organized by Tomsk NRMC with students is detailed. As a matter of fact, it is necessary to "hunt" for the best staff from student days!

Scientific project team of students, named ‘Oncologist’ has been a talent factory for Cancer Research Institute for many years. Every year, medical students undergo practical training as assistants to physicians in outpatient and hospital care departments. Project team was formed on the basis of Tomsk Regional Oncology Center in 1975, from the moment of its foundation until 1990 it was headed by Professor Glafira Iosifovna Kovalenko; Petr Grigorievich Baidala, MD, PhD, surgeon of the highest category, Honored physician of Russian Federation, Associate Professor, has been all-time leader for more than 20 years after Professor Kovalenko.

Evgeny Choinzonov, director of Cancer Research Institute of Tomsk National Research Medical Center, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, shared that many scientists and physicians, who nowadays gained wide popularity and absolute authority, had began their careers as a student. He told, that members of scientific project team were enthusiastic, not indifferent people! Staff training began from student project team; lots of colleagues came as graduate students, residents, enlarged the number of scientists. For example, they were: Marina Vladimirovna Vusik, MD, PhD, Senior Scientific Researcher, physician of the highest category; Svetlana Yurievna Chizhevskaya, MD, PhD,  Leading Scientific Researcher; Natalya Anatolyevna Tarabanovskaya, MD, PhD, Scientific Researcher.

Evgeny Choinzonov
Throughout scientific project team history, it was trained a large number of oncologists, and, to Evgeny Choynzonov’s mind, could rightfully be considered a talent factory of highly professional staff.

Elena Efimova, MD, PhD, chief physician at Cardiology Research Institute of Tomsk National Research Medical Center, informed how the work with students was organized: there was close interaction with Center of Industrial Practice and Work for graduates of Siberian State Medical University. There were a lot of people who wanted to undergo medical practice, both as a physicians and a nurse at Cardiology Research Institute of Tomsk National Research Medical Center. Nobody was refused. On the basis of Research Institute clinic, students underwent practical training in ‘General Medicine’ specialty that included: therapy, pediatrics, surgery, outpatient therapy service. In 2021, maximum number of students was admitted for the all years of functioning. Also in 2021, students of Medical Management specialty had internship for the first time. Girls (interns) worked in Statistics Department and received very good reaction from staff-specialists who supervised their work. A lot of students admited residency after undergoing practical training at Cardiology Research Institute of Tomsk National Research Medical Center.

Natalia Vasilieva, MD, PhD, Head of Scientific and Methodological Department of Mental Health Research Institute of Tomsk National Research Medical Center, explained, that in 2021, the 40th anniversary of Mental Health Research Institute of Tomsk NRMC and the 130th anniversary of Department of Psychiatry, Drug Addiction and Psychotherapy of Siberian State Medical University were celebrated. These events were interconnected, since long way had gone from organization of educational process with the purpose of staff training for practical health care, to formation of unique research institute in Siberia and the Far East. In recent years, there had been convergence of scientific research and academical activities of those two divisions. Educational process on training of residents and graduate students could not be imagined without interaction of department of Mental Health Research Institute of Tomsk NRMC and Tomsk Mental Health Regional Hospital. Residents of the department of Siberian State Medical University and Mental Health Research Institute actively participated in investigation of various clinical trials; residents learnt peculiarities of working with patients under the guidance of experienced colleagues from Tomsk Mental Health Regional Hospital and Mental Health Research Institute of Tomsk NRMC. Residents were involved in researches on current scientific directions. She also said that activity carried out by scientific project team of Department of Psychiatry, Drug Addiction and Psychotherapy of Siberian State Medical University played an important role in enlargement the number of psychiatrists.

Active interaction with students of university was also carried out at Research Institute of Medical Genetics of Tomsk NRMC, wh ere great attention was paid to attracting young people to science. Igor Lebedev,MD, PhD in Biological Sciences,  Deputy Director for Research of the Tomsk NRMC, Professor of Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of Laboratory of Ontogenetics of Research Institute of Medical Genetics of Tomsk NRMC shared, that
students of Tomsk State University, Siberian State Medical University came to scientific laboratories at the stage of pre-graduation training, wh ere they were actively involved in fundamental science. Students' project teams, which were as in Tomsk State University and as Siberian State Medical University, and Doors Open Day helped to get involved in research process. Joining scientific research teams, students became participants in research at full capacity, co-inventors of grants, and could continue studying in graduate school in Genetics specialty. Years spending in scientific laboratories were of great help to young researchers and by the time the graduate school was graduated, independent scientific researchers had already been formed. Professor Lebedev pointed out key aspect: students got opportunity not only to engage in fundamental science, but also to use results of research in clinical practice; it was achievable thanks to well-established interaction with Research Institute of Medical Genetics (Genetics Clinic).

Yulia Tashkeeva, MD, cardiologist of the first category, chief physician of Tyumen Cardiology
Research Center- branch of the Tomsk NRMC, told, that once she had come to Doors
Open Day; then she had come as an intern, lately, she had been a resident, a
cardiologist. Nowadays, together with colleagues, Yulia Tashkeeva participated
in organizing Doors Open Days for students, desiring to know better about the
work of our center. She also shared that students of Tyumen State
Medical University and Medical College underwent practice as a physician and a
nurse on the basis of our center. About 10% of students stayed working at
Tyumen Cardiology Research Center: someone preferred working as nurses, nursing
care attendants; lately, trend was revealed: more and more students chose career
as scientist.

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