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The dates of International Congress of Cardiologists-2023 have been set

13 Apr Apr 2023

We invite you to participate in the XIII International Congress "Cardiology at a Crossroads of Sciences" in conjunction with XVII International Symposium of Echocardiography and Vascular Ultrasound, XXIX Annual International Conference «Cardiology Update». The Congress will be held on December 6-7, 2023 in Tyumen in offline and online mode, venue: 111, st. Melnikaite, Tyumen, and via electronic resource of the conference on website www.cardio-congress.ru

Congress topics:

• Cardiology and allied specialties (ultrasound and functional diagnostics, laboratory diagnostics, X-ray endovascular diagnostics and treatment, genetics, oncology, regenerative medicine, pharmacology, etc.
• Basic Research in Cardiology
• Novel approaches in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
• Non-invasive imaging techniques in cardiology
• New medical technologies in cardiology
• Interventional cardiology
• Heart rhythm disorders: diagnosis, treatment and prevention of complications
• Pediatric cardiology
• Epidemiology and prevention of cardiovascular diseases
• Problems of cardiac patients’ rehabilitation
• Improvement of cardiac service organization

Congress scientific program includes lectures, plenary reports, scientific and satellite symposia on allied specialties, electronic posters (E-poster). Congress scientific program will apply for accreditation in system of Continuing Medical and Pharmaceutical Education of The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Young Investigators Competition

To participate in the Competition, young scientists (up to 35 years old) must send abstracts marked for the “Young Investigators Competition”, prepared in accordance with the abstract formatting rules set out below, by e-mail: science@infarkta.net. The authors of papers selected by the commission will receive an invitation to make an oral presentation at the Congress online. All abstracts accepted for publication and not included in the Congress program as oral presentations, upon request from the authors, can be presented at the Congress in the form of electronic posters designed in accordance with the requirements set out below.

Abstract Formatting Guidelines:

1. Submission deadline: 1 September 2023.
2. Abstracts for publication in Congress Proceedings might be submitted both in Russian and English.
3. Abstract text must be typed in the MS-Word format with RTF file extension, 12pt font Times New Roman, single line spacing between each line in a paragraph, without hyphenation and paragraph indents. Abstract length: 2-4 A4 pages including references.
4. Reference list entries should contain: abstract title (capitalize every word), surnames and initials of authors, full name of institution where research performed, city, country. The title of electronic version file should include the name of the first author.
5. Content of abstracts should reflect following sections: relevance, aim of study, research methods, obtained results, conclusion. Abbreviations of words, terms, notation (except for generally accepted ones), including titles of abstracts, are not allowed. Abstracts must be used International System of Units. Abbreviation is deciphered on its first occurrence in a text and remains unchanged throughout the work.
6. Information about authors (full name, place of work, current position, postal address, e-mail, telephone/fax number; preferred form of participation in the Congress (oral report, e-poster, publication of abstracts, participation in competition for young investigators) is attached on separate sheet.
7. Attention! In addition to the text of the abstract, it is mandatory to provide the title, full name of the authors, place of work, summary of the work (abstract) translated in English
8. Abstracts should be submitted for consideration by e-mail: science@infarkta.net
AT THE DISCRETION OF AUTHORS ALL ABSTRACTS ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION CAN BE PRESENTED AT THE CONGRESS IN THE FORMAT OF ELECTRONIC POSTER (with a 3-minute video attached, in which an author provides information on main results of presented research). E-posters must be sent by e-mail to science@infarkta.net before September 1, 2023.

Guidelines for E-poster preparation:

1. E-poster, consisting of single slide, is created in *.ppt or *. pptx (Power Point file).
2. Slide orientation: landscape; slide size: screen aspect ratios of 16:9; appropriate font types: Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial, Calibri, Verdana, or Symbol; font size: 14 points or larger. A title should be underlined using bold type. Animated GIFs and videos are not allowed.
3. Content of E-posters should reflect the following sections: the title, author(s), institution name, email address (at the top edge in slide width direction), aim of the study, research methods, obtained results, conclusion. In addition to the text e-poster must contain figures, and (or) tables, diagrams, pictures, etc.
4. Using someone else's logo is not allowed.
5. It is obligatory to indicate the source of funding or its absence.

Contact person: Elena A. Martynova

Tel.: +7 (3452) 68-45-19; 68-19-68
E-mail: science@infarkta.net

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The dates of International Congress of Cardiologists-2023 have been set


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