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Depression increases risk of coronary artery disease

24 Aug Aug 2023

Scientists of our Center have developed a method to predict the risk of coronary artery disease (CAD) progression in men with systolic arterial hypertension and depression aged 25-64 years old. The method was patented in 2023.

The fundamental nature of the method lies in possibility of predicting the risk of CAD development in patients of cardiological clinic in the presence of systolic arterial hypertension and high level of depression. As a result, accuracy of early diagnosis of the most severe cardiovascular pathology, CAD, increases. Alexander Akimov, Ph.D. in social Science, Senior Scientific Researcher, Laboratory of Epidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases of our center shared that the method allows avoiding further progression and development of complications of cardiovascular diseases.

The expert emphasized that, according to epidemiological studies of the first decade of this century, more than a third of working age population had borderline mental disorders during their lives. In this nugget, anxiety-depressive disorders occupied one of leading positions.

Alexander Akimov told, that anxious patients, and especially patients with high levels of depression, had increased risk of CAD development and death from cardiovascular diseases, regardless of other prognostic factors. Results of recent worldwide studies have shown that depression affects cardiovascular morbidity and mortality through both behavioral and direct pathophysiological mechanisms.

Alexander Akimov told, that study on psychosocial risk factors of cardiovascular diseases development today seems to be particularly relevant and important direction.

According to European guidelines on cardiovascular disease prevention, psychosocial risk factors include low socioeconomic status, social isolation and low levels of social support, anxiety and depressive disorders, and psycho-emotional stress caused by household responsibilities and work stress.

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